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Right Wing White Morons | The Same Clowns

Right Wing White Morons

Incredible luck befell me today. In addition to the craziness I recorded in the Three Parts I, II, and III, You might want to watch these first.

I was fortunate to, again, meet these fellows online.

In the same place as before as luck would have it. This time I was not alone. Skeptic Maples joined the call with me and we trolled them hard.

So hard in fact that they both rage quit and ended the “discussion”.

Right Wing White Morons

[Update 23 July 2020: Parts I, II, III, & IV have been concatenated. Save your self some time and watch it here instead]

You will love this – Part IV – JT Snow rage quits:

Right Wing White Morons

JT Snow rage quits – Part IV

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