Sascha Owes Child Support | Scumbag Dad

Sascha Owes Child Support.

Most importantly, he owes eight years of back child support.

For his eight year old daughter. On the other hand, what can one expect from scumbag dad Sascha Voigtmann?

The following textual narrative is written by a very upset uncle of Sascha’s neglected daughter.

Brendan Grech to Sascha Voigtmann

“Mate you’re such a liar you believe your own shit???

Lol you might be able to make yourself look Pretty on Facebook but all the people outside of it know who you are so defend yourself as much as you want I don’t give a fuck…

And all you seem to be about is presents… That’s not even the point though you’re full of shit…

You had plenty of times when Beck gave you chances to prove yourself and be a dad…

Going to Big W and Target buying presents now doesn’t make you shit???

That’s right my fucking family did it all…

And nappies you haven’t bought one… And yes drugs you’re a fucking pothead and not to mention whatever else you took….

You didn’t even come down to your daughter’s birth… Who misses that???

Ohhh that’s right the police were after you??? Are they still???

Were you at your own daughter’s birth??? No that’s fucking right…

And when was the last time you bought your daughter a so called gift???

My sister has done more than any parent should have to do on their own and gave you many chances but if you didn’t get caught cheating on dating sites then drugs then pushing my sister…

I’ll tell you what delete my friend request because I have no remorse for you you scum bag…

Why don’t you go see how your son is too from the other girl’s life you fucked around with….”

Sascha Owes Child Support

“The the reason, ladies, he has no child rights is because the piece of shit hasn’t paid child support since the kid was born or even bought nappies….

How old are you bro??? And you didn’t have a job for years?? Why don’t you grow the fuck up and then your life wouldn’t be so messed.

Your life is a result of your own actions…

You got 10 years on me and I’m more man then you will ever be. So stop with the sympathy stories and fuck off.”

Drugs instead of child support payments.

Melbourne VIC, Australia

By Sidney Winston

Atheist Anti-theist Secular Zionist Dog lover Conservative

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