President Donald J Trump

Obama-era Riots Reignite | Trump To The Rescue

Obama-era riots reignite in Minneapolis. What a perfect time for our hero, President Donald J Trump, to come to the rescue. During the Obama-era I was shocked to watch the regular anti-police rioting across the country. Of course, that all stopped when Trump took office and created all those jobs. Many of the rioters at […]


Mordechai Vanunu | Unrepentant Israeli Traitor

Mordechai Vanunu is an unrepentant traitor. This man is a crybaby. Every month, on the 1st, he stands at Jaffa harbour, just south of Tel Aviv, and takes a selfie. Then he uploads the photo to Twitter with his usual whinging about something he has voluntarily forfeited; he feels he has had his freedom stripped […]


Scaphism | Is this the worst form of torture?

Scaphism Some things when one reads about them or is told about them, my imagination brings my body to a shudder. This is how I felt when I read Arshia Arsacid’s article on Quora. Read Arshia Arsacid's answer to What are some horrendous acts perpetrated by the Persian Empire? on Quora We humans are a […]

Hillary Clinton

Gentleman Donald Trump | Clinton Turncoats

Gentleman Donald Trump. Yes, in this video he shows exactly what a decent human being he is. The irony here is that the poster of this video intended it to be a sleight against President Donald Trump. Well, major backfire on that plan. I don't think Donald Trump like this clip!⏬⏬⏬⏬⏬⏬⏬⏬⏬⏬⏬ — NANCY PELOSI […]