Irish Catholic Hates Atheists | But Poses as a Jew

This incredibly hateful rant was recorded live from his hovel in New York while sober. I need to add this caveat because this fool tends to consume whiskey. A lot of whiskey.

White Right Wing | Morons All of Them

Secular Sanctuary

White Right Wing Morons I finally joined a different hangout than mine today and found three white supremacist, racist, bigoted, ignorant, trashy, low-life Christians. You are most likely surprised at how “shocked” I was. Oh yes, shocked to learn about their Jesus Club backgrounds. Actually I was not surprised at all. I knew of at… Continue reading White Right Wing | Morons All of Them

Hate Speech | Nakba | An Arab Disgrace

Palestine disturbances 1936. Members of the Arab Higher Committee. Front row from left to right: Ragheb Bey Nashashibi, chairman of the Defence Party, Haj Amin eff. el-Husseini, Grand Mufti & president of the Committee, Ahmed Hilmi Pasha, Gen. Manager of the Jerusalem Arab Bank, Abdul Latif Bey Es-Salah, chairman of the Arab National Party, Mr. Alfred Roke, influential land-owner Back row from left to right: Jamal al-Husayni, Husayn al-Khalidi, Yaqub al-Ghusayn, Fuad Saba

A large number of Jews were in British Palestine at the the time and the Jewish Leaders had a very real understanding of what it means to implement “The Final Solution to the Jewish Problem”, thanks to the German peoples’ cooperation with Hitler in his implementation of the very same plan.