Gospel of Alvin | Proving Christianity is a Mental Disorder

Gospel of Alvin the modern day Christian, and also a slave descendant. Yes folks we have another indoctrinated person fixated on believing the impossible.

Note: skip the first 18 minutes if you don’t want to hear the unhinged ranting of a Racist Troll.


Eric ShitForBrains Trump | A Christian’s Absurd Claim

Eric ShitForBrains Trump opened his mouth. A reporter reported on it.

And then guess what happened. Yes, shit tumbled out of that mouth because, well, Christians.

King Eric Trump claims that The Donald saved Christianity. Eric is an educated and worldly chap. So isn’t this beyond absurd?

If the Democrat Party is indeed the party of atheists, as claimed by Eric ShitForBrains Trump here, then I urge each and every one of you to cast your vote for Joe Biden For President 2020!

Posted by Sidney Winston on Wednesday, 7 October 2020


Ridicule Christianity Daily | Facebook Fun

Ridicule Christianity Daily on Facebook because this cult deserves nothing less.

So I decided to troll and have me some fun with groups.

As a result all the Christians have lost their minds. Furthermore it’s totally their own fault for joining strong atheist groups.

Ridicule Christianity Daily