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One Term Donald Trump | That Self-destructive Tweet

One Term Donald Trump
One Term Donald Trump?

One Term Donald Trump because of his blatant support for religion.

This is certainly not what the framers of the Constitution had in mind. No one in 1776 envisioned a sitting President of the United States proclaiming, on behalf of ‘We, The People’, a cry for GOD on behalf of the State.

Donald Trump also has the whole atheist community of the United States voting against him. Theists, during Trump’s administration have him well and truly brainwashed. As such he must be voted out.

On principle I also cannot support President Donald Trump anymore based solely on the tweet posted below.

The separation of Church and State is explicit in the Constitution. This President seems like he is pushing the ‘God agenda’ on the country.

We should all be worried. No, more than this, we must nip the problem in the bud.

Finally remember that the bud blooms on 3 November.

By Ali Shaker/VOA –, Public Domain,

President Donald J Trump

Trump Needs A Canadian Advisor

Trump Needs A Canadian Advisor in order to drain the swamp and put the Chinese in their place.

Imagine this. You are a President. And surrounded by people from your own country. Now, imagine you are the President of the United States. And surrounded by Americans. Only Americans.

In order to correct this obvious irrationality I propose an introduction of a Canadian mindset into Trump’s advisory inner circle.

I, Sidney Winston, am of course the perfect candidate. The only candidate for the job actually. Because I know a huge swath of Americans across the domestic cultures. I have listened their thoughts, I have tried to follow their way of thinking. And I understand the insanity of the United States.

I have the perfect qualifications for the position:

  • My fully integrated Canadian sense of humour is useful because sometimes a chuckle can save the day.
  • My Canadian, objective view of any politically serious situations is invaluable during times of crisis. Focus is required here. Canadian focus.
  • I work remotely. I never need to be surrounded by Americans.
  • Using Skype, Hangout, or any other medium of his choosing we can establish instant, remote contact. So we can talk direct to one another without me being surrounded by Americans.
  • It’s not that there is anything particularly wrong with any one individual American but I must tell you that I watched House of Cards. Yes, the full series. So I know what goes on in the swamp.

Trump Needs A Canadian Advisor.

Somewhere in Trump’s genetic line lurks a Canadian. Donald Trump is more Canadian than Elizabeth Warren is Native Indian.

I watched the President’s explanation of the ramp descending adventure he had in Tulsa, Ok after his rally this month, June 2020.

Because he so funny I was laughing on the floor at his comedy. He was brilliant. During these stressful CCP virus months funny is unexpected.

I loved it.

Humour, genuine humour on stage, unscripted, is an invaluable tool to use while leader of the free world. Don’t you think?

Donald Trump demonstrates that he has this tool in his toolkit.

My fear is that he, the President, has no one in his political circle with a sense of humour. This is why he needs a Canadian.

I recognize this void where no one else does.

Which is why I am suggesting that President Trump give me a call.

By Bell Media –, Public Domain,

President Donald J Trump

Two Term Trump | You Gave Dubya Two

Two Term Trump. It only makes sense to allow a president to complete two terms in office.

Here’s a thought. What if Presidents of the United States were elected to one eight year term?

I can make a simple argument for this by showing how two of the three of the worst presidents in my lifetime, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, and Barack Hussein Obama, were wrongly given second four year terms in office.

Two Term Trump
In January 2009, President of the United States of America, George W. Bush invited then President-Elect Barack Obama and former Presidents George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter for a Meeting and Lunch at The White House. Photo taken in the Oval Office at The White House.

What if H.W. had held on to his presidency and not lost to Bill Clinton? Would all that much have changed? I think not.

Let’s look at each POTUS one by one.

George H.W. Bush – One Term

Incompetent. He removed Terrorist Supporter Saddam Hussein from Kuwait and then stopped short of removing the Terrorist Dictator Saddam Hussein from his perch. Perhaps he would have one a second term if he had kicked Saddam’s arse. Even including the, “Read my lips, no new taxes” lie. I mean a big, huge lie.

George W. Bush – Two Terms

Incompetent. Now this dude is a disaster. So, W. goes into Iraq to remove the Terrorist Dictator Saddam from his perch. Which, he succeeds to do. Kudos to George. But then, in the biggest mistake of his career, after kicking Saddam’s arse, W. then let’s Iraq collapse internally. Hundreds of thousands die. Dubya, you schmuck.

Barack Hussein Obama – Two Terms

Incompetent. The biggest let down by a president in the history of the United States. Barry entered office as a duly elected black president. Even though he is as much non-black as he is black. But, whatever.

Anyway, here comes President Obama, a black dude. In my mind I was so happy. Happy that finally the racial divide in the US is bridged. With a black president there are now no excuses for blacks in the US to ever have to complain again of being oppressed. But, we get pandering to the Islamic world instead. When Obama had eight years to heal the racial divide in the US he instead chose, and failed, to be more friendly with the Arab and Islamic dictatorships in the Middle East and Gulf Region.

Obama made really bad decisions:

  • choosing Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State.
  • not watching while Hillary Clinton directly caused the death of four US citizens in the Benghazi Embassy by Arab terrorists.
  • plunging Libya into chaos because of, well, we’re not sure why.
  • looking the other way while Vice President Joe Biden from enriching himself and his family through corruption in Ukraine and China, among other countries no doubt.

Two Term Trump. Here’s why.

Competent. President Donald J. Trump rebooted the US economy so efficiently that all the metrics showed records in astonishing achievement.

Then came the CCP virus from China. The economy tanked. Almost died.

At the time of this writing the lock down is still partially in effect, the economy has been restarted. The Donald pulled off an economic recovery miracle after Obama.

If Trump pulls off another economic recovery miracle after COVID then he has every right to his second term.


It makes all sorts of sense to allow an elected President to enjoy one eight year term in office. With the current system, as we see, after three years another campaign for the Presidency begins. A waste of time.

Besides, we now know the the current four year term is unworkable. It causes more problems than it solves.

With an eight year presidency ahead, a Commander In Chief can forge ahead more effectively with completing all election promises, without the unnecessary pressure brought about by a short, four year presidential mandate.