Darwin’s Greatest Hits | Darth Dawkins

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If you, like me, have listened to hours and hours of Darth’s nonsense, you might be left with unanswered questions about this man’s sanity.


Perhaps this Darth Dude is really a troll. Trolling for Jesus. Trolling for the Christian God.


In the years of listening to what is, at its core, absolute nonsense using English words.

Darwin’s Greatest Hits

This troll, Darth Dawkins (DD), attacks atheism. And, I might add, he attacks without prejudice.

Also, this Darth Dawkins troll hates atheists.

Darth targets young people, teenagers. He is a bully, Certainly, the more you listen the more you will realize that the teenagers are trolling him right back.

Control. It’s all about DD controlling others in his audio call. He screams, he shouts, he cajoles, he threatens. Then, he ejects the rational person who has just roasted him and his silly position.

Personally, I love to see DD get his arse kicked each and every time he opens his mouth.

Darth Dawkins is a sleazy human being. Human garbage, if you will. He is an abusive bastard. Certainly, you will be able to pick this up time and time again as you listen through all the episodes in the playlist.