Gary Milne Internet Clown ~ Darth Dawkins

“If you say that all fundamental starting points are in fact assumptions, then it follows that the Christian God does not exist, so you’re going to have to offer me a defeater, but you’re not going to be able to offer me a defeater”

Darth Dawkins, a Christian Clown with Shit for Brains

Darth Dawkins Assumes Evidence

Darth Dawkins’ Low Intellect Exposed

Heretic Schools Darth

Darth Dawkins Stumbles

Darth Dawkins Concedes

Darth Dawkins on Evolution

There was a time when Darth took his medications as prescribed

Darth Dawkins, Misogynist

Gary Milne Internet Clown

Adultery has consequences.

Even if all Darth did was explore his homosexual curiosity.

Darth Dawkins Election2020

Darth Dawkins DESTROYED

Pio Debunks Darth Dawkins

Gus Belanger uncovered this gem from the past:

Gary Milne Internet Clown

Real Christians sound like this:

Your thoughts?

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