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The weirdest one is the one with the the ‘three persons, one essence‘. Or some such garbage.
Ask an Atheist
The Christian God has the Most Evil Attributes.

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[24 November 2020: Ridiculing Christianity will soon once again be front and centre of my focus. But first I have to clear the US Election 2020 off this front page.]

If the knowledge of a God is the most necessary, why is it not the most evident and the clearest?

PERCY BYSSHE SHELLEY, The Necessity of Atheism

Ask an Atheist.

Richard Dawkins – Militant Atheism

Dr. Rebecca Smethurst, Astrophysicist

Future Dinosaur Platform

Atheist YouTubers
… is asshoe!

US Election 2020

Rudy Giuliani

Dave – X22 Report

Hodge Twins

Steve Bannon

Also Steve Bannon

[Sidney Winston 23 November 2020:
Every time I hear someone mention god and Trump in the same sentence a small piece of me hopes that Joe Biden takes the final count. I just don’t trust people who insist we know that they love and trust their god. I really don’t care to hear that.]

The Main Men

Trump praised God Way Too Much

One Term Donald Trump
One Term Donald Trump?

The Biden Crime Family

Joe Biden failed as a parent
Crime Boss Joe Biden

The Deep State Profiteers

Darth Dawkins, Psychopath

Seth Andrews. Atheist. Ex-Christian Nationalist.

Tom Jump destroys Darth Dawkins.

Ask an Atheist says, “Darth Dawkins is an Angry Man”.

Ask an Atheist

Is a Two State Solution possible?

Ask a Secular Zionist.

Showing the boundaries of the land in which the Jewish National Home was to be reconstituted.

Saeb Erakat is very sick. DEAD!!!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish 69 year old Saeb Erakat a very speedy and successful retroactive abortion. May COVID-19 wrap her arms around Saeb and relieve us from him forever.

Posted by Sidney Winston on Sunday, 18 October 2020

[UPDATE AUGUST 2020 – Israel and the UAE signed a peace treaty, with more Arab countries allegedly to follow. So the planned partial/full annexations are on hold. Perhaps indefinitely. Peace.]

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True Crime – The Next Big Trial.

Lori Chad Daybell
Lori & Chad Daybell partying after killing the children.

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