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Gary Milne

Gary Milne presents himself on the internet as Darth Dawkins, among other nicknames. Indeed, a couple that come to mind are Dunkin’ Atheism, and Evolution False.

This Milne character, this Darth Dawkins clown, has become a laughing stock. As a result, many people challenge dumb, old Gary to debates.

Not because anyone really wants to debate. But, specifically to push the buttons that trigger this low IQ individual.

Once Gary is triggered he rages. For the reason, that this is so funny to all of us normal people.

Darth Dawkins is a lulzcow. Certainly, he provides much entertainment to the rational thinking crowd on social media.

Gary engages in raging and screaming and shouting and over talking. That, is his shtik.

Little does Gary know that each and every time he engages in his one-sided ‘debates’ with people, he is just being used as a laughing stock.

It will be embarrassing for him to one day wake up and realize what a clown he has been. And, still is.

I would love to see some video of that moment. Because, a person like Darth Dawkins is someone to be pitied to some extent.

Gary Milne is, just like Christian Hillbilly, an evangelical Christian bigot with severe, untreated mental health disorders.

Gary has several mental health disorders. As a result, he presents himself as a target for the ridicule he attracts.

Narcissist personality disorder, a sociopath, an egotist, with small penis syndrome. And, at 50 years old he has moved back in to live with his mother.

He will say that he lives with his elderly mommy because he takes care of her. Bullshit.

He lives with his mommy because his marriage failed, his business failed. So, he failed his wife, his children, and his god. What an utter loser!

Unfortunately the sour character of this bitter, failure of this man, Gary Milne, makes for a joyous occasion when he gets caught in a Christian lie. And, make no mistake, this happens every time he tries to explain his story.

Which is that the Christian god is responsible for all things natural. How stupid!

The sooner DD admits that he has a problem the sooner he will be able to seek the professional help he so desperately needs.

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