Algerian Atheist Perspective

Algerian Atheist

My story with atheism as an Algerian Atheist

I am Algerian and I am an atheist. First, I was a Muslim by heredity. I inherited the religion from my father and mother. After my high school education and my studies of Islamic legal sciences as it was called, which had nothing to do with the scientific method, I began to ask questions about my religion, and the most important question I had was: Can a Bedouin person live in the desert to give me the purpose of my life as a young man in the twenty-first century?

Of course, I did not find the answers, because asking a question about religion boldly was a definite of being punished for it. Then my journey began with the books of Mr. Richard Dawkins, and his book, God Delusion, was the first candle that illuminated my path and actually took me out of the ignorance I was in. Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris and others.

Now, I am an Algerian atheist. I live in Algeria, North Africa, in a Muslim society.

I invite all atheists in the world to unite, because we are the only hope for the peace of mankind.

Atheism is a mind’s message for love and peace. Steven.

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