Crimes of Christianity Through The Ages

Crimes of Christianity Through The Ages

Crimes of Christianity Through The Ages; an unfortunate reality perpetrated until today by unscrupulous characters.

My objective on this page is to highlight as many instances that I can find of crimes committed in the name of Christianity. It is with much sadness that I bring you this evidence. I wish that none of this madness would have happened.

Crimes of Christianity Through The Ages:
(always under construction)

The First Crusade & Medieval Society

Why You’d Never Survive Life During The Crusades

The Inquisition On A Christian Sect

How the Medieval Church Frightened People Into Obedience

Sam Harris demolishes Christianity

Violent Atrocities in the Bible Justified by Christians

Christian Atrocities in India

The Hidden Story of Christian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire

Christian atrocities in TamilNadu

Henry VIII ~ The Tower Of London’s Bloodiest Execution – The Death Of Margaret Pole

Henry VIII ~ The TRAGIC Execution Of The Carthusian Monks

Atrocities of Roman Catholicism

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