Dawn Noble

Dawn Noble lied to everyone

Dawn Noble lied to everyone, most of all her family, about her trip to Australia to meet her online boyfriend.

In this rare piece of audio Sascha explains a little about who Dawn really is and consequently how she operates:

Dawn Noble lied about
  • being a teacher
  • a divorce that did not happen
  • going on a year’s sabbatical
  • her name
  • her age

It is difficult furthermore for me to understand the underlying reasons for Dawn’s madness. I still feel as if I maybe have not heard the full story.

Even after having his place trashed Sascha says he will accept a verbal apology from Dawn for the rift to end.


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admin 15 June, 2018
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That sounds pretty rough. I am sorry you have had to live like this.

Ryley 15 June, 2018
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Hi... This is my first time doing this but... I feel I need to do it? Anyway, I'm... her Son. As hard as that is for me to say when shes been labeled a jew hater... a psycho.. and many more things. The thing is though, she did lie.. she lied to all of us. My sister, my father, my grandparents and auntie. I was the one who drove her to the airport, she had told me that it was for a work exchange.. the thing is. I didn't buy it, I was positive this was another lie or scam.. Yet i still went through with it. I feel the reason why I did it is because, I let her drag me down. I let her lies and deceit get the best of me and all I wanted was for it to all go away, solace, peace. That's what i desired was to finally be able to work on myself. We have been having difficulties with my mother since I was 17-18. We discovered she has Bi-polar... We realized what that meant and we tried biting our lip and getting through it. But as humans we all have breaking points, and I wish not to vent about the past week I have had calling the cops on my own mother 3 times, once for her safety twice for mine. I currently have busted door because of it. She is beyond sick at this point, mania and hysteria is the best I can describe her mental mind set. THE biggest issue I have in all this is.. the hospital has discharged her every time shes brought in with the cops. I have pleaded to the doctors that she is not well, she is not currently the mother I knew that she is not welcome at my home.. and twice they denied me. I am baffled by the sheer negligence of her safety and my own. She has a mental disease with addiction. And I have lived with this combo for a long time and it has become the NORMAL for me. The everyday life. Throwing the dice and wondering if today was going to be a good day or a bad day, was she gonna have an episode or will she be the mother I need. That I needed since I was 15. I know, everyone is extremely quick to jump to conclusions, pointing fingers, labeling. But I plead you realize this... This... woman. Is not Dawn Noble, this.... combination of drugs and mental disease is not my mother. There was a time where she sound and sane. Where we were all happy and loving. My mother raised me to respect ALL people... This... thing, is not that. My mother loved and cared for every person she ever knew... no matter what color, religion or how they were raised. She took care of people and kissed wounds, she worried about my health and every other kids health... then one day drugs came in and mental illness and stole MY mother away from me... creating tormenting circle of which I fell into and thought was okay. I guess I am writing this I feel guilty, you know? Like I could of done something but everyone professional or relative said there was nothing I can do... but that doesn't take the pain and guilt away. That doesn't take the fact that my mother is in huge trouble in every regrade and her actions will probably never be forgiven... It doesn't change the fact that I have to live and people will know that THIS is what my mother had become. Please, take my story... realize the pain that this combination can do.. realize mental illness and drugs is an issue and this EVIL is the result of said combination. I can not apologize on my mothers behalf. But I can say, I am sorry you had to witness my recent life, that you had to see what poor choice lead to. That i am sorry that this happened and there is and was nothing I could do about it. Please... realize that anyone can turn into something like this. My name is Ryley, and this is my story from 20-23. Current day. Thank you for reading.