Dawn Noble

Brynn Lee Returns to Google Chat

Brynn Lee Returns

Brynn Lee Returns

Mental illness in some people ensure unpredictable behaviour. For instance, such is the case with Brynn Lee.

I have previously posted about a woman in Lloydminster Canada. Moreover, this woman has at least two personalities, and perhaps more.

In real life she is Dawn Bowers-Noble or Dawn Noble.

Brynn Lee Returns

On the internet however, she lives as Brynn Lee. As such, on the internet she lies as Brynn Lee.

When Dawn is Brynn she becomes unpredictable and violent. Consequently, verbal violence, and physical violence, are common entries in her criminal background.

Why am I continuing to write about this woman when I had previously stated that I was done with her? In short, the reason is Brynn Lee’s threats and lies.  It has become personal again.

As you can see from the images Brynn Lee is crazy.

She has stated that I message her every day.

Here is the image of her claim:
Brynn Lee Returns



This is where Brynn Lee accuses me of messaging her every day.




Here is a question: “where are these messages everyday?”





This is the messaging history between Brynn Lee and me:
Brynn Lee Returns





As you can see from the image, on 29 October 2017 Brynn Lee messaged me and I replied. So, all positive right?


Over here I responded to her last message.

This is a follow up to the ‘no reply’ which proves her claim that I message her daily to be a lie.




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