John Gischala

John Gischala Is A Violent Catholic Man

John Gischala Irish Catholic John Gischala

John Gischala is a very violent man.


Birth name is John Dwight Way.

Current address: 73 Coolidge Street, Roslyn Heights, NY

You can reach JDUBS by voice or text at  (929) 376-9794

John Gischala aka JDUBS, Yochanan Gischala.

Yochanan, as he is known to his fellow congregants at Chabad Roslyn Heights, is masquerading as a Pious Jew.

JDUBS was born in New York to a Roman Catholic family and as a result has no Ashkenazi heritage to speak of.

He is hiding out in Long Island masquerading as an Orthodox Jew and being shown rachmones by Chabad of Roslyn.

Especially relevant is that Rabbi Aaron Konikov – the Director of Chabad in Roslyn Heights – is giving JDUBS free lodging above the synagogue storage facilities.

So in exchange for this free accommodation JDUBS is the self-named shamas of the shul.

While true pious Jews reflect their piety in their outward behaviour, FAKE PIOUS JEWS threaten other people with heinous death.

However, the following audio clips paint a very different picture of JDUBS.

In all three of these audio clips JDUBS is threatening Bulldog 101 with death. DEATH! From a pious Jew????


Clip #1 – John Gischala threatening Bulldog 101 with, “I promise you I will slit your throat!”
Clip #2 – JDUBS threatening Bulldog 101 with, “I would love to slit your fucking throat!”
Clip #3 – Yochanan Gischala threatening Bulldog 101 with, “If I ever see you I will slit your throat!”
If you are concerned for the safety of the Roslyn Heights Jewish Community I urge you to contact either one or all of
  • Rabbi Aaron Konikov, Director
  • Mrs. Chanie Konikov, Co-Director
  • Rabbi Yaakov Reiter, Program Director
  • Mrs. Devorah Leah Reiter, Shlucha
  • Rabbi Yaakov Wilansky
  • Mrs. Chaya Wilansky

They can be reached at 516-484-3500 where you can leave a message if no human answers.

Most of all this is also notice of things to come as this is just a small piece of the incriminating data in the public domain on JDUBS.

Finally this post serves as a notification about this mentally unstable and emotionally volatile person to the broader Chabad community.

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