Eve Trolls Yessenia

Eve Trolls Yessenia | Matthew As Well

Eve Trolls Yessenia and Matthew. Ah the good old days of hangouts. Certainly, these days are over where live streaming was a pleasure. However, now you have an opportunity to experience life as it was in the good old days. Eve Trolls Yessenia and Matthew | The Marriage Broke Up After Yessenia Cheated on Matthew

Godless Girl Exposes Holy Spackle
Deidre Meese

Godless Girl Exposes Holy Spackle | #FAIL

Godless Girl Exposes Holy Spackle For The Lying Cunt She Is. Please read addendum below Deidre Meese, or Meece, is know as The Holy Spackle online. Godless Girl Exposes Holy Spackle, picks her apart, and flushes her bullshit down the proverbial toilet:     [January 2019 Update: it has been confirmed that is was not Spackle who called CPS on…

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Jew Hater
Dawn Noble

Jew Hater Dawn Noble from Lloydminster Alberta

Jew Hater Dawn Noble from Lloydminster Alberta works in the Lloydminster Public School Division. [update: the response from the LPSD is that she is not employed there] Once you have listened to Dawn‘s views and her condescending ways you might have questions. Jew Hater Dawn Bowers-Noble talks about her personal views for 10 minutes:   Assuming you are reading this…

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Dawn Noble lied
Dawn Noble

Dawn Noble lied to everyone

Dawn Noble lied to everyone, most of all her family, about her trip to Australia to meet her online boyfriend. In this rare piece of audio Sascha explains a little about who Dawn really is and consequently how she operates: Dawn Noble lied about being a teacher a divorce that did not happen going on a year’s sabbatical her name…

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Bossy Brynn
Dawn Noble

Bossy Brynn Lee Makes Moves On Donny

Bossy Brynn Lee introduces herself from Melbourne Australia. Notice how Bossy Brynn controls her tone of voice throughout this conversation.   Follow us through this series of video evidence on our very complicated subject, Brynn Lee. aka Dawn Noble Ms Lee has since displayed a complete 180. When you see the human wreckage she leaves in her wake you will…

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