Dawn Noble

Jew Hater Dawn Noble from Lloydminster Alberta

Jew Hater Dawn Noble from Lloydminster Alberta works in the Lloydminster Public School Division.

[update: the response from the LPSD is that she is not employed there]

Jew Hater

Once you have listened to Dawn‘s views and her condescending ways you might have questions.

Jew Hater Dawn Bowers-Noble talks about her personal views for 10 minutes:

Assuming you are reading this about 10 minutes after you read the last paragraph, you have listened to Dawn.

I would like to use the comments section below to gauge the viewers response to this behaviour.

My concern is that this woman needs 24 hour supervision which she is not receiving. Of particular concern is that she is potentially a danger to children.

More specifically she is a danger to Jewish children and to Muslim children.

What do you think?

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That thing you call a woman is a dispicable person. What a hateful spiteful evil person. I’m going to fire her Greetings Principal Sheldon Gallagher Llloyminster Public School Division , Alberta.