Nelson Mandela
South Africa

Nelson Mandela Conned All Of You

Nelson Mandela has to go down in history as the biggest con man of the 20th century. What he did for vengeance against the White, Christian, Afrikaner was nothing less than genius. You all got taken for the biggest ride of your lives when Mandela defeated apartheid. Nelson could have Made South Africa Great Again! … but, he did not…

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Luis Castellanos

Luis Armando Castellanos, Pedophile & Criminal

Luis Armando Castellanos Welcome to another revealing exposure about one of the internet’s most notorious bullies, trolls, and pedophiles. He hides by day at home where he lives with his mother therefore has the time to spend making others’ lives miserable. His own life is miserable, unhappy, and unfulfilled. So, perhaps Luis is just jealous of everybody else and hates…

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Lionel Nation Voting Trump 2020
History, Point Out Hypocrisy, USA

Lionel Nation Voting Trump 2020 Against His Vow

Lionel Nation Voting Trump 2020, he has changed his vow since watching genius Donald Trump. Rational people change their minds therefore based on expected (or positively non-expected) results. Here is a case in point. Lionel Nation has vowed to never vote for anyone other than himself on ballot day. Lionel Nation Voting Trump 2020: President Donald J. Trump is winning…

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Dog Watcher

Dog Watcher: So You Can Focus At Work

Dog Watcher To those of you who have a grinding work routine and who also own a dog, please consider hiring a Dog Watcher instead of leaving your dog home alone. Some people focus so much at work that they forget they have an animal at home. A lonely animal, a dog. Dogs are social animals. They love company and…

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Personal Websites
Internet Bullying

Personal Websites Will Replace YouTube and Others

Personal Websites Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and perhaps others, impose petty censorship on the thoughts of content creators.  YouTube, for example, blocks videos simply because someone complains about them; there is no check and balance system in place. We, the content creators, are sick and tired of being treated this way. Personal Websites are The Future Sidney what do you mean?…

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Good morning Molly

Good morning Molly, Client Pick Up

Good morning Molly Jenni and I were outside Molly’s owner’s apartment this morning while waiting for them to appear. I captured the first ‘good mornings’ of the day from Molly and Jenni. Good morning Molly; a brown labrador: I believe it is cruel to leave an animal alone for many hours a day and certainly no more than four. As…

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Sony Playstation

Sony Playstation – Clever but Flawed Copy Protection

Sony Playstation Call me a geek but I found this information fascinating. I don’t know why it is that the topic of waves in the form of sound, light, ulta, micro, infra, and on and on, captivates my attention. Sony Playstation; Stuff I Didn’t Know. You can find the Wiki information here.

Jenni Dog
Canada, Dogs

Jenni Dog, My Constant Companion

Jenni Dog Cover Photo: 12 weeks old. She is eight years old now, a Yorkie mix. Most of the time she is very chill but she does have the rare, odd moment. Don’t we all? Please enjoy the 60 seconds of Jenni. She loves your positive comments. Jenni Dog, One Minute: So, yesterday,  a hot one, we were out on…

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