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One Term Donald Trump
One Term Donald Trump?

One Term Donald Trump because of his blatant support for religion.

This is certainly not what the framers of the Constitution had in mind. No one in 1776 envisioned a sitting President of the United States proclaiming, on behalf of ‘We, The People’, a cry for GOD on behalf of the State.

Donald Trump also has the whole atheist community of the United States voting against him. Theists, during Trump’s administration have him well and truly brainwashed. As such he must be voted out.

On principle I also cannot support President Donald Trump anymore based solely on the President’s speech in the tweet posted below.

The Tweet

One Term Donald Trump
Wrong. God does not exist.

The Speech

The separation of Church and State is explicit in the Constitution. This President seems like he is pushing the ‘God agenda’ on the country.

We should all be worried. No, more than this, we must nip the problem in the bud.

Finally, remember that the bud blooms on 3 November.
[Atheists voted Trump out of office in this election.]

By Ali Shaker/VOA –, Public Domain,

By Sidney Winston

Atheist Anti-theist Secular Zionist Dog lover Conservative

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