Jewish Ritual Circumcision | Interviewing An Unborn

Jewish Ritual Circumcision is male genital mutilation.

All adult males have the inalienable right to make decisions about their own bodies; however babies, infants, toddlers, children, and teenagers, are to be left untouched until they are adults. Plain and simple.

It is time to #CrushTheCovenant? So, if you agree then please read on.

Jewish Ritual Circumcision | An Interview In The Womb

A short play.

The Actors:

When & Where:

In his mother’s womb. Most noteworthy, seven days before birth.

The Premise:

The Jewish God tells Unborn Sidney Winston what awaits him. Because, being born a Jew is not pleasant.

The Interview:

The Jewish God (EL): Hello sweet Jewish male child. Please, allow me to introduce myself. I am the Jewish God and you will live your life according to rituals and traditions that have been passed down to you over hundreds of decades. You can call me EL.
Unborn Sidney Winston (USW): Hello EL. So, what do you mean by rituals and traditions? Are they fun, and informative? Will they help me in ensuring I use critical thinking throughout my life?
EL: Informative, yes. Fun, no. Furthermore, I have some rather concerning news for you regarding what is going to happen to you shortly after your birth.
USW: EL, hang on a moment. This already sounds like a deal that I want to opt out of. Where is my escape?
EL: Don’t you want to hear about the concerning news? You have no escape so you might as well hear it. From EL’s mouth. That was a joke.
USW: All I know right now is that my mother loves me. So, she will protect me from any harm. I know that instinctively.
EL: I’m glad you mentioned instinct. Yes indeed it is instinctive for mothers to protect their newborn babies. However, I am the mighty Jewish God.
USW: I am not following you EL. So, please explain a bit more clearly.
EL: Your mother, your ‘loving’ mother will protect you for seven days and not one day longer. Because, standing up to cultural bullying is seen as anti-social.
USW: What happens after seven days? Certainly, I am getting nervous to hear the answer.
EL: Brace yourself as this will come as a shock to you. On the eighth day after your birth your mother will betray you. She won’t give it a second thought. 
USW: No she won’t. Because, she is my mother and she loves me.
EL: I am The Jewish God and your mother loves me more than she loves you. And, I am about to prove it to you.
USW: I really cannot believe that my mother will voluntarily not protect me from harm. Besides, what harm eight days after birth awaits me? 
EL: Again, I ask you to brace yourself for what I am about to tell you. Because, unfortunately nothing will stop the sequence of events I am about to tell you about.
USW: Really, EL, what could it be? A tattoo on my arm? I can’t think of anything worse than that where a mother would voluntarily allow genital mutilation to happen to her son.
EL: Okay, this is what will happen. Your mother will voluntarily give you over to a strange man. This man is very dangerous. This man is a Mohel.
USW: So, my mother gives me voluntarily to a man called a Mohel. Is he the one who gives me the tattoo? You do know that if I get tattooed it is on my body for life right?
EL: Sorry chum it’s worse than that. Above all, your Mohel is going to mutilate your genitals.
USW: EL, fuck off, you are scaring me with that sort of talk. Moreover, I scare easily, what with me being so unborn and all.
EL: Yes this will all happen. You have no choice. The Mohel will mutilate your penis. He will cut your foreskin. It will hurt. A lot. No pain killer. No medical training.
USW: No. No. Just no. No. Why?
EL: No good reason. Rather, no good reason that I find rational.
USW: But, EL, why? Seems like, there is no logic or reason.
EL: Because, I am The Jewish God, And, I say so.
Jewish Ritual Circumcision. The Epilogue
As predicted by The Jewish God, Sidney Winston was voluntarily handed over to a mohel supposedly ‘trained’ in the mutilation of male genitalia. Most noteworthy, he has never been informed of the name of his mohel.
Sidney was not told the location where he was circumcised. Nor, who attended.
This genital maiming of Jewish males by Mohels continues to this day. On the other hand, one of the main reasons that this egregious practice still continues is because of The Jewish Girl.
The Jewish Girl will ultimately become a Jewish Mother. And, she will be trained to say that mutilated male genitalia ‘look better’. Yes, for that reason alone.
Because, they ‘look better’. 
I mean, really, what does this say about The Jewish Girl? What, if anything does it say about the Jewish Mother?
I find this situation absured, even surreal. Above all, what does this say about The Jewish God?

When it comes a woman’s right over her own body she has, and rightly so, the full right as an adult to make her own life’s decisions about her body.
We, men, on the other hand, have zero autonomy over our own bodies. And, this will continue as long as parents stand back in fear of disappointing the community. While, gingerly handing over their sons for ritual genital mutilation.
Roe v Wade seems to have overshadowed the conversation about ritual male genital mutilation. This, is a shame.
Ultimately, the decision has to be in favour of protecting all children under the age of majority from any and all ritual and cultural maiming of any parts of their body.

By Sidney Winston

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  1. Well said! It’s good to see more secular Jews question this barbaric practise. It couldn’t have been easy uncovering that you were needlessly strapped to a table and violently had your the most sensitive part of your penis amputated

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