Christians Contagious
Christianity Is Stupid

Christians Contagious Brahmin Caste

Christians Contagious to the Brahmin Caste. You just can’t make this shit up folks. And, who the fuck are the Brahmins anyway? HIGH-CASTE HINDUS REFUSE TO GET INTO BOAT OF CHRISTIAN RESCUER IN KERALA Look, I don’t know for 100% sure that this story is real but it sure passes the smell test. Christians Contagious to higher castes? Really? I…

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Sir John Churchill

Sir John Churchill | Biography

Sir John Churchill | First Duke of Marlborough | Biography I watched this documentary for a number of reasons. One of them is that I have always been ‘on the verge’ of reading Winston Churchill‘s biography of his ancestor. However, as some of you can well understand, I just never got round to it. Until I found The Peoples Profiles. There is…

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Gary Britton Threatens Shaun
Internet Bullying

Gary Britton Threatens Shaun

Gary Britton Threatens Shaun of the UK for no apparent reason other than that he is a cunt. Well, well, well. look who’s back at it again. Our UK fraudster, pedophile, gangster and all round cunt Gary Britton returns to the news! Gary’s victim here is a nice young lad named Shaun, and his fiance, who just want to enjoy…

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Siyaa Demolishes Titans TV

Siyaa Demolishes Titans TV | Kalam KO’d

Siyaa Demolishes Titans TV with one powerful knockout punch that leaves him on the floor. Dazed and confused, this shell of a man that was Titans TV is conquered. In a battle of epic proportions that some are already calling the Fight Of The Century Siyaa Ela emerged victorious over a deflated Kalam. As the underdog in the fight Siyaa…

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Winston Churchill Labour Party
Winston Churchill

Labour Party of Britain opposed appeasement

The British Labour Party opposed appeasement with Germany while the Germans occupied Europe. Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain was the most noteworthy champion of appeasement with the Nazis during the 1930’s. The common people of the United Kingdom supported unconditional surrender by Herr Hitler, consequently bringing down the Chamberlain government. The King of England finally appointed Mr. Churchill as Prime Minister.…

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