Dog Watcher: So You Can Focus At Work

Dog Watcher

Dog Watcher

To those of you who have a grinding work routine and who also own a dog, please consider hiring a Dog Watcher instead of leaving your dog home alone.

Some people focus so much at work that they forget they have an animal at home. A lonely animal, a dog.

Dogs are social animals. They love company and they love to communicate.

A dog watcher is your answer to the stress and guilt brought on by leaving your dog at home alone for perhaps 10 hours a day. Or more.

Dog Watcher Sidney  Winston

My clients over the years have primarily been those dog owners – I really should say those dog lovers – who work at jobs which take them away for 10+ hours a day.

A dog watcher will offer you peace of mind; your dog will be fed, socialized, exercised, and loved.

When you arrive after work to pick your dog up it will have been walked already.

This allows you the time and the space to relax yourself from work stresses immediately upon returning home. A huge time saver for you. 

Your dog will already be relaxed from its uneventful but happy day. Be mindful that your comfortably relaxed dog will be happy to see you and will pick up any stress you are holding. So leave your troubles at work and come home relaxed to a happy dog at the door.

Dog Watcher Services by Sidney Winston

What You Do:

  1. Drop dog off on way to work – anytime
  2. Pick up dog after work – anytime

What You Provide Daily:

  • Food for the day
  • Medications for the day
  • Poop bags
  • A toy or other object from dog owner’s home
  • Daily/Weekly/Etc. Dog Watching Fee
  • Any specific instructions

In conclusion there are only advantages attached to leaving your dog with a reputable dog watcher. You will be able to better focus on your work tasks without thinking about your poor, cooped up, unhappy, lonely dog at home.

Please consider being more humane to your animal.

Please leave your comments or ask your questions in the box provided. Thank you for reading.

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