Luis Castellanos

Luis Armando Castellanos, Pedophile & Criminal

Luis Armando Castellanos

Welcome to another revealing exposure about one of the internet’s most notorious bullies, trolls, and pedophiles.

He hides by day at home where he lives with his mother therefore has the time to spend making others’ lives miserable.

His own life is miserable, unhappy, and unfulfilled. So, perhaps Luis is just jealous of everybody else and hates to see other people happy.

Luis Castellanos is a hypocrite. He claims to be a Christian. Yet, posts uncalled for penis photos to minors on the internet.

Pedophile, thief, violent gangster, Roman Catholic, bad eater, alcoholic sufferer of Erectile Dysfunction.

Do not be fooled by Luis’ smiling face when he greets or serves you at DC’s The Diner. Luis is a psychopath/sociopath and will use you and destroy you if given half a chance.

The delinquent Luis’ criminal rap sheet is very long.  Furthermore he should be charged with environmental destruction for all the trees cut down in order to print the paper on which his convictions are stored.

Luis Armando Castellanos is most noteworthy for being a piece of human garbage.

Here, have a look and see inside the depraved mind of this living idiot:

Points To Remember

  • Luis is a pedophile who does not think twice about sending his penis photos to underage boys and girls on the internet.
  • Luis is a danger to society. Call his shift supervisor at The Diner in DC at (202) 232-8800 to ensure that he is removed from the public eye.
  • This man is over 40 years old yet still commits minor and violent crimes.
  • L.A. Castellanos has a habit of drinking to excess and then committing violent acts of robbery or rape on weaker, more defenceless people.
  • Do not approach this dangerous individual alone. Call 911.

Luis Armando Castellanos, The Conclusion:

The planet is full of human scum like Luis. We must not ignore this scourge of female’s sufferings right here, today, on the Google+ community so speak up.


  • Luis and other pedophiles.
  • online predators.
  • online bullies.
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