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Cory Booker Homosexual | It Is Claimed So It Is True

Cory Booker Homosexual

Cory Booker Homosexual | Booker Gropes High School Friend | All Claims Are Factual According To Booker.

There are many reports of Cory Booker’s homosexual encounter in a work place bathroom.

As such, I, like Cory Booker himself, interpret the claim to be absolutely true. In other words, there is no chance of being wrong. With regards to this claim of sexual assault against Booker there is no disputing.

When Judge Brett Kavanaugh was accused of sexual assault his accuser had nothing but a 30+ year old memory left to use as a weapon against the judge. Kavanaugh’s accuser even cited others who were witnesses only for these ‘witnesses’ to refute or deny the claim.

Cory Booker Homosexual. These claims have no supporting evidence. Therefore, they must be true.

Senator Booker is guilty. Certainly, according to the rules which the Dishonourable Senator himself set. Which makes this man a hypocrite of the highest order.

In what rational world is a dummy like Cory Booker elected to the US Senate?

Reports exist all over the internet reporting on the inappropriate behaviour by Senator Booker. It is only fair that Cory Booker be painted with the sameguilty until proven innocent” brush he used on poor Brett Kavanaugh.

Gary Britton is a rabid misogynist. In other words, he hates women.

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