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Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre | Failure of Security

Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre

Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre uncovers arrogance of synagogue management in ignoring security arrangements.

Robert Bowers bin Laden – the 18 year lapse of security. Moreover, it could just have easily been a Jihadi cell perpetrating the massacre that night.

Security failure by President George on 11 September 2001 | Osama bin Laden successfully attacks the US.

George W Bush is responsible for the security lapses that allowed the 11 September 2001 Islamist attacks on the continental US. The death of the 3,000 individuals on that tragic day lie squarely on the shoulders of then-President George W Bush and his military and intelligence advisors.

Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre.

Security failure by Synagogue Management? Absolutely, because someone failed to arrange security.

Pittsburgh Synagogue Massacre



Who is responsible for the security lapse that allowed
the Robert Bowers attack in a Pittsburgh synagogue in a Jewish holy day?




Hypocrisy Alert | Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi is a total arsehole

This is almost too difficult to take seriously. But reality does that to one sometimes. To emphasize, the scam that is Judaism is personified by the reaction from the Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel.

Rabbi David Landau is a cunt of a sociopath for even thinking that the Pittsburgh synagogue was not a ‘synagogue’. To me, this is the most vile side effect of the Pittsburgh massacre, Not the actual massacre itself. Which, was bad enough.

The internal Jewish religious strife that was not healed by this massive anti-Jewish massacre will live with me forever. In short, I am not proud to be associated with Ashkenazi Jews today.

No, I am not proud.




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