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Kashoggi Escape Attempt | Jamal’s Final Thoughts

Kashoggi Escape Attempt

Kashoggi Escape Attempt and Final Thoughts.

Brought to you exclusively by Sidney Winston.

So, what went down in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul on 2 October, 2018?

Sit down and let me tell you. However, I should warn you to hide your children and adults sensitive to accounts of horror.

On entering the consulate building the staff warmly greeted Mr Khashoggi and then graciously led him into a closed office.

The moment the door closed behind him Jamal subconsciously heard the ‘click’ of the door being locked.

Instantly Jamal Khashoggi knew he was in trouble. So, he knew he had made a mistake. Just how bad a mistake he had made he was given little time to wait.

Looking around the room he saw several figures. Some of them were shouting at him. Different things. 

Events were unfolding rapidly. A slap to Jamal’s head really hit home (pun intended) just how much trouble he was in.

The shouting and slapping became more intense. Now, he was feeling multiple slaps. Then, they were physically attacking him.

He tried, in his stunned and shocked state, to process what was happening. 

“Escape”, the only thought that came to mind. “Escape”.

Kashoggi Escape Attempt.

Thoughts and images were rapidly flashing through his mind: Muslim Brotherhood, Global Islamic Sharia Rule, Raif Badawi.

“Raif Badawi”, he thought again. “Raif is correct. I am wrong. This culture of Islamism is shit”.

Jamal Khashoggi, in his impulsive attempt to escape, started his leap from his chair to the door. Actually, his quickly concocted plan was to get the fuck out of the building no matter what it took.

As Jamal proceeded to leap from his chair a Saudi agent, sensing this potential, plunged a knife into Jamal’s hand. So, pinned to the table by the knife there was no escape. And, he knew it.

Not this time and not ever.

Feelings of pain, confusion, anxiety, and betrayal. In conclusion, these were his last emotions before losing consciousness forever.


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