Internet Bullying

Personal Websites Will Replace YouTube and Others

Personal Websites

Personal Websites

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and perhaps others, impose petty censorship on the thoughts of content creators. 

YouTube, for example, blocks videos simply because someone complains about them; there is no check and balance system in place.

We, the content creators, are sick and tired of being treated this way.

Personal Websites are The Future

Sidney what do you mean?

The Google+ community, and of course others, communicate mostly on the YouTube platform. There is a problem with that.

You see, we in the free speech community feel that it is our right to respond to comments.

Comments that are made by others towards us. Negative comments or positive comments matter not because they are all part of the dialogue.

So, what is the problem?

Haters, trolls, butt-hurts, vengeance hawks, jealous spouses, and everyone else whose feelings are hurt. These people flag and report at will. Unfairly and with malice in their minds.

This is hypocrisy at its finest. Or yet another example of it. Haters feel free to spew venom and pejoratives but as soon as we respond they try everything in their arsenal to ban, flag or block our channels.

There are those who will gladly and freely slander, lie, gaslight, and rumour monger content creators on YouTube.

Then, when I, or others, respond to their slander, lies. or gaslight attempts, they turn to the platform (e.g. YouTube) and flag or report the channel or the video.

These people are cowards. I can name quite a few.

Here are some:

Out of all the G+ community there are very few of us who have personal websites. 

I foresee a time soon where more and more of us will turn to this method – away from YouTube censorship and out of all evil human clutches.
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