Firebrand Atheism | David Silverman

Firebrand Atheism

Firebrand Atheism is David Silverman‘s solution for kicking organized religion to the curb; to the dustbin of history where it belongs.

Godless Girl visited the ACA in order to question the nature of David Silverman’s blacklisting. As a result she totally exposed them as frauds.

David Silverman’s ‘Firebrand Atheism’ – Sidney Winston 2016

Your religion is shit. Your god is shit. Big Religion is done for.

Atheists also are not going to stand anymore for the passive-aggressive crap that the theist community throws at us. Because none of what you are throwing at us is sticking anymore. Sure there was a time, a very long period of time, when people believed your nonsense.

The Atheist Community of Austin (ACA) is attempting to silence David merely due to Matt Dillahunty’s impotence. Matt is jealous of the proud virility displayed by David, and Matt is seething with hatred. So this is what it all boils down to. Matt Dillahunty is not a good, empathetic person. He is more of what we would term a bit of a cunt.

It seem that Matt Dillahunty is increasingly becoming more and more irrlevant. Bye, bye, Matt, bye bye.

It is finally time to move forward with Firebrand Atheism. Time as well for the return of David Silverman to centre stage.

26 May 2021 is the last day this website is published. Thank you all for your views.