Red Tsunami Blue Wave | Trump For The WIN!

Red Tsunami Blue Wave

Red Tsunami Blue Wave | Mid-term elections 2018

Early morning predictions 6 November 2018. Certainly, the Republicans will win by a landslide.

The Republican Party will

  • expand the majority in the House
  • grow the majority in the Senate
  • cause the Democrat Party to implode
  • finally indict Hillary Clinton

Voting has begun in the United Stated mid-term election cycle. In other words, we are down to the wire.

Red Tsunami Blue Wave. How will America cope? Traditionally, a lot of them will go ape shit crazy.

When President Donald J Trump took office the US was in bad shape, Actually, it was broken. Badly broken.

In just two years Mr Trump has made Americans proud to be Americans again.

Today is the day for you to get out and vote. Vote Republican. But, either way, get out and vote.


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