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Boycott Red Hen Restaurant, Close Them Down!

Boycott Red Hen

Boycott Red Hen

This is great retribution!

Sarah Sanders was humiliated in front of her family by the owner and employees of the Red Hen in Lexington Virginia.

Sarah and her large family were already seated when the owner asked them all to leave.


Simply because she works at the White House for President Trump. No other reason.

Without fuss or bother Sarah and her family left to go elsewhere.

Seeing as President Donald J. Trump is perhaps the most successful US President to date this sordid display baffles me.

The movement to close this restaurant down has begun.

Bikers For Trump converged in force outside the Red Hen to show their displeasure at how this business treats customers.

Boycott Red Hen Restaurant, Close Them Down!

I urge you all to vote with your dollars. I don’t know whether or not the Red Hen is part of a chain of restaurants. This particular restaurant in Lexington Virginia must therefore close.

Closure would serve as an example of what consequences to expect when a business establishment fails so badly in their customer treatment.

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