Darth Dawkins is Gary Milne from New Jersey

Darth Dawkins is Gary Milne from New Jersey.

Gary is a Fundamentalist Christian by day while living a secular lifestyle by night.

This defines Gary as a hypocrite. This violent man’s wife divorced him.

How can a Christian man divorce his wife while claiming to be a Christian?

That is a great question you ask.

The answer is that this Christian man Gary Milne messed up his life totally while hypocritically preaching Christianity.

While being married to a beautiful and intelligent woman Gary the Christian committed adultery on her.

His violence is on display in several places so please check them out:

  • verbal violence on social media
  • physical violence to his wife and children
  • character assassination from behind his anonymous keyboard

Christianity Is Stupid. Gary the Christian is as dumb as they come in the Christian worldview.

Darth Dawkins/Gary Milne

Feel free to let Gary know what you think of his bigotry and violent behaviour.

Contact his neighbours to ask for first hand reactions.

Darth DawkinsDarth DawkinsDarth DawkinsDarth Dawkins


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