New York Governor Cuomo a Serial Killer?

New York Governor Cuomo

New York Governor Cuomo will likely go down in history as the most prolific serial killer in world history. Just how far has Governor Cuomo fallen?

The Governor chose his timing carefully. At the height of Andrew Cuomo’s popularity was when the Cuomo Brothers struck. Thousands died, all of them innocent. All of them led to the slaughter like an animal in an abattoir.

Smug Andrew. I remember that smug face of his when Andrew’s brother Fredo from CNN was heaping praise on his older brother. The praise was for the exemplary way the Governor of New York, our man Andrew, had handled the COVID19 pandemic. What a joke!

It was Governor Andrew Cuomo who sent thousands of infected, contagious people into New York’s nursing homes for the elderly. All of the elderly clients and patients had lowered immunity due to age and illness.

And so the virus was sent by human carriers, by official decree of Governor Cuomo, to infect New York’s elderly population. And infect the compromised populations of the care homes, that they certainly did. Very efficiently. Thousands of seniors died. Each one of them a victim of the Cuomo brothers’ heinous scheme to kill and at the same time attract public praise for the action.

New York Governor Cuomo planned the mass killings with his brother Fredo.

The Cuomo brothers have got to significantly be the dumbest of the dumb criminals ever. To use a government leadership position to commit mass murder is just plain dumb. Even that criminal Joe Biden didn’t use his office for murder.

A brilliant plan; I am sure that is what they thought. But no, I, and possibly hundreds or even thousands like me, have seen through the Cuomo brothers’ crimes.

Andrew Cuomo is not above the law, even as governor. He deserves to be tried in a court of law, by his peers, on the charge of mass serial killing under the disguise of doing the “people’s work”.

Your thoughts?

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