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Darth Dawkins Destroyed

Darth Dawkins Destroyed by TJump.

Gold. Pure gold. Tjump terminally destroys Darth Dawkins’s philosophically blurred brain due to DD‘s lack of knowledge of, well, anything. In fact, figuratively TJump fries DD’s ‘all things stem from my god’ nonsense.

Darth Dawkins Destroyed by TJump.

I present you, courtesy of TJump, approximately 90 minutes of Darth Dawkins exposing himself as the Deceiver-In-Chief while using pure Gobbledygook.

As a result DD (Darth Dawkins) exposes that his outer bombast is a veneer, a thin cover of a vast inner ignorance. Listen to DD posing the dumbest questions you can think of at TJump while not allowing time for a response.

Questions like, “If the moon had a brain could it reason?”. The questions do get more moronic. Just listen.

26 May 2021 is the last day this website is published. Thank you all for your views.