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Austria Expels Imams | Tawhidi Supports Decision

Austria Expels Imams | Tawhidi Supports Decision

I have watched and listened to Imam Tawhidi several times.

This man is the face of Reformed Islam. Tawhidi will probably lead Islam into the 21st century and beyond.

Reformed Islam?

Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think that Islam had a chance in the modern world. Not until I heard this Imam speak did I realise that this was even possible.

It seems that my view of Islam being so horrendous and unstoppable was, and I admit it, dead wrong.

Austria Expels Imams and Imam Tawhidi supports the Chancellor’s decision.

Support the efforts of Imam Tawhidi. He is doing a very good deed for Islam, for atheism, and for a bright future.

Most of all I thank the Imam for his declaration of support and Sebastian Kurz for his courageous political decision making.


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