New Democrats USA

New Democrats USA | Omar, Harris

New Democrats USA, Democratic Socialists USA, or Social Democrats USA. Certainly, they all mean the same. This is a short video by Certified Liberty, a YouTube channel. Most importantly, pay attention to what ‘We, the People’ are sending to The House. So, vote wisely next year in the 2020 election. Above all, get out and vote. Feature Image Genia1016 [CC…

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Great Britain Worst Hypocrite

Great Britain Worst Hypocrite

Great Britain Worst Hypocrite. Exposing the hypocrisy of the British in criticizing the Judea & Samaria ‘occupation’ by Israel.  As well, why is Britain not discussing the Judea & Samaria under Jordanian rule from 1948 until 1967? Great Britain Worst Hypocrite. All this while GB occupies Northern Ireland.  By Nicolaes Visscher II – This is an image from the digital…

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Irish Catholic John Gischala
John Gischala

Irish Catholic John Gischala Or Orthodox Jew?

Irish Catholic John Gischala Has A Catholic Father. And, a Catholic Mother. This is unfortunate. As I have recently uncovered John’s father drilled into him that he is a failure. And, poor Yochanan here is the product. Common sense reflects that this is a form of emotional abuse. Certainly, it can be shown that  much harm to an individual can be…

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Jason Egroff Abuses Shanny
Jason Egroff

Jason Egroff Abuses Shanny | Shanny ForChrist

Jason Egroff Abuses Shanny ForChrist. In other words, just when we thought that Shanny had found a safe have with Jason it all implodes on her. Revelation News is a total cunt bucket. Certainly, his low class upbringing shines through explaining his low intellect and raging anger. The Back Story. So, here we go. Shanny and Chris were married to…

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You Fucking Jew
Anti-Jew Hatred, Canada, Israel, South Africa

You Fucking Jew | The Importance of Israel

How ironic is it that I, a lifelong atheist, have had to endure the, “You fucking Jew”, “You fucking kike”, “You fucking Zionist”, “You fucking christ killer”, etc. name calling, by Christians for the most part, in North America AND in South Africa? How ironic, as well, that I myself absolutely loathe Judaism and have utter disdain for those who…

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Israel Folau
Israel Folau

Israel Folau | A Nasty Human Being

Israel Folau This nasty human being, a Christian, feels that he has the religious freedom to insult people based on their sexuality. What a cunt. A role model in Australia for young athletes, Israel Folau has embarrassed himself and Rugby Australia with his Christian insanity. As a result, Folau is out. The whole country should be ashamed of Mr Folau.…

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God Bashing
Christopher Hitchens

God Bashing | Christopher Hitchens At His Best

God Bashing at its best by Christopher Hitchens. So, once you have watched this an atheist will have been born. Unless you already are an atheist. In that case, this is great comedy.   Video thanks to Agatan Foundation. God Bashing Credit About Agnostics, Atheists, Anti-Theists Foundation (Agatan): In these modern times seeing superstition (religion) still dictating, influencing and damaging…

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Darth Dawkins Drowns
Gary Milne

Darth Dawkins Drowns | Thank You Skylar Fiction

Darth Dawkins Drowns as Skylar Fiction holds Gary’s head underewater. So, watch this epic takedown of Gary Milne by Skylar Fiction.   Within the span of an hour Darwin’s Deity admits he doesn’t believe in objective morals. He also admits contradictions are not invalid in his world view. This might be one of Darwin’s worse debate performances so far. ~…

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Pakistani Prostitute Bronzee
Bronzee Loe

Pakistani Prostitute Bronzee | Mail Order Bride

Pakistani Prostitute Bronzee, a mailorder bride, has successfully evaded US immigration law by marrying a US citizen for a Green Card. Her name, on Social Media, on Google hangouts and Google chat, is Bronzee. Remember the name of this prostitute. She is from Pakistan. Prostitute Bronzee from Pakistan is a middle-aged, unattractive, single mother. Moreover, she has failed in her…

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Occupied Northern Ireland
United Kingdom

Occupied Northern Ireland | Great Britain OUT

Occupied Northern Ireland | Great Britain OUT! How much longer will Britain occupy Northern Ireland? Because, Ireland has never been free. This short animation by Suibhine explains it all concisely and quickly. Which, of course leads me to ask questions.   There is, in my opinion, no non-imperial reason for the Emerald Island of Eire to be shared with Great…

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Cardinals Crushing Catholicism

Cardinals Crushing Catholicism | George Pell Guilty

Cardinals Crushing Catholicism This post is a call for immediate action. Dismantle the Roman Catholic Church. That is to say, starting immediately the Vatican is no longer a recognized state. The US must step forward and go to the UN to demand stripping all Vatican diplomatic credentials. Moreover, take these steps now. George Pell is in jail for sex crimes…

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