Atheism's Ugly Face | Pio chanel 2
Pio chanel 2

Atheism’s Ugly Face | Pio chanel 2

Atheism’s Ugly Face, a video by Pio. Original title: The ugly face of atheism.  This video from Pio’s YouTube channel is blocked in North America. So, here it is for the North American consumer. I present this video in order to give the whole world the opportunity to view it. Indeed, fuck YouTube for trying to be the Gestapo of the…

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Gudrun Himmler

Gudrun Himmler Spied For West Germany

Gudrun Himmler Spied For West Germany Nazi Heinrich Himmler died in 1945 by taking his own life. Seems like he went out the way a true coward should. Gudrun Himmler, Heinrich’s daughter, lived on into old age taking her father’s Nazi ideology with her throughout her life. Here is a BBC article written about this awful woman who has since…

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Copyright Oculus
Goran Utan Krga

Copyright Oculus: permission required

Copyright Oculus | The Arrogance Is Just Dripping Off This Lad. I have not posted this video to YouTube and as a result it is impervious to YouTube claims of any sort.  Copyright Oculus, what a joke! To be sure, Oculus is merely a hangouts idiot. Stupid opinions spew non-stop from Oculus. As you will see though this is the…

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Dawn Noble

Nazi Germany is back supporting anti-Jew hatred.

Nazi Germany probably never left us entirely. You see, I posted a video of a Canadian woman spewing anti-Jew hatred for 10 minutes because this kind of hatred needs exposing. Here is the video: YouTube subsequently took it off their German network. Why do you think Germany did this? Why did no other country bother with it while Germany went…

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Winston Churchill Labour Party
Winston Churchill

Labour Party of Britain opposed appeasement

The British Labour Party opposed appeasement with Germany while the Germans occupied Europe. Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain was the most noteworthy champion of appeasement with the Nazis during the 1930’s. The common people of the United Kingdom supported unconditional surrender by Herr Hitler, consequently bringing down the Chamberlain government. The King of England finally appointed Mr. Churchill as Prime Minister.…

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