Gary Moore Rapist
Gary Moore

Gary Moore Rapist | Fake Christian

Gary Moore Rapist? Perhaps, there are rumours. Gary Moore Fake Christian? Absolutely, yes. There are rumours swirling around the GDC community that Gary Moore has a criminal record that he is hiding. So, who is Gary Moore? Gary is a low IQ individual. He is an admitted sex addict and has just exposed his fetish to the world. As you…

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Darth Dawkins Darth Dawkins Gary Milne Darth Dawkins' Dirty Dick
Gary Milne

Darth Dawkins’ Dirty Dick | Gary Milne Adulterer

Darth Dawkins’ Dirty Dick. Dumb Move Dickhead.So, what is the story here? Gary Milne is a father of five children. Yet, he is also a Fundamentalist Christian. DD is a serial adulterer. Certainly, he has unprotected sex outside of his marriage. Darth Dawkins’ Dirty Dick, explained:

Irish Catholic John Gischala
John Gischala

Irish Catholic John Gischala Or Orthodox Jew?

Irish Catholic John Gischala Has A Catholic Father. And, a Catholic Mother. This is unfortunate. As I have recently uncovered John’s father drilled into him that he is a failure. And, poor Yochanan here is the product. Common sense reflects that this is a form of emotional abuse. Certainly, it can be shown that  much harm to an individual can be…

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SpyGate Officially Begun

SpyGate Officially Begun | Gina Shakespeare

SpyGate Officially Begun now that the Mueller Probe produced a nothing burger. So, in order to kick off this series here is Gina Shakespeare. The interview is not necessarily all about the upcoming investigation into the corruption, treason, and murder within the Obama Administration, Certainly, the topic is mentioned, albeit briefly, Here’s the thing though.Because there is only a small…

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You Fucking Jew
Anti-Jew Hatred, Canada, Israel, South Africa

You Fucking Jew | The Importance of Israel

How ironic is it that I, a lifelong atheist, have had to endure the, “You fucking Jew”, “You fucking kike”, “You fucking Zionist”, “You fucking christ killer”, etc. name calling, by Christians for the most part, in North America AND in South Africa? How ironic, as well, that I myself absolutely loathe Judaism and have utter disdain for those who…

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Gary Milne Adulterer
Gary Milne

Gary Milne Adulterer | Darth Dawkins

Gary Milne Adulterer. Also, in the Great Debate Community he is known as Darth Dawkins. Fat Gut Gary Milne is an angry abuser who loses his temper. So, why does he lose his temper? Well, for one thing if one doesn’t believe that the christian god exists, that’ll set him off. The following video recorded from Godless Discord includes the…

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Sascha Owes Child Support
Sascha Voigtmann

Sascha Owes Child Support

Sascha Owes Child Support. Most importantly, he owes eight years of back child support. For his eight year old daughter. On the other hand, what can one expect from scumbag dad Sascha Voigtmann? The following textual narrative is written by a very upset uncle of Sascha’s neglected daughter. Brendan Grech to Sascha Voigtmann “Mate you’re such a liar you believe…

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Josh Conaway Jew Hater
Josh Conaway

Josh Conaway Jew Hater | Nazi sympathizer

Josh Conaway Jew Hater. A Nazi sympathizer, Josh has played his hand. And, it does not look good for him. This pathetic excuse for a human being also hides behind pseudonyms ‘Oculus‘ , ‘Josh .O’, and ‘unsee me’, on social media. In short, this man is scum. Josh Conaway Jew Hater embarrasses himself before the whole world:  

Catholic Church Child Abuse

Catholic Church Child Abuse | Pope Francis Busted

Catholic Church Child Abuse exposed. To clarify, by traditional Catholic. So, here is Michael Matt from Remnant TV to explain. The claim here is that Pope Francis is done. Finished, outtahere. How can Michael Matt say, with a straight face, that his god is going to fix this church problem? On the other hand, up to that point everything was…

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sidneywinstondotca Under Attack

sidneywinstondotca Under Attack

sidneywinstondotca Under Attack by Josh Conaway, Sascha Voigtmann, Kathleen Tanner, and Amber Star Reuter. That is to say, they have promised to take the website DOWN! Here is a website that tracks the status of any website on the internet. So, all you do is input the domain name and the results appear right there. For your convenience this link…

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