Annex Judea & Samaria NOW | It Is Time

Annex Judea & Samaria NOW. Because, the time has arrived. Jamie Glazov explains in this video segment. So, it’s time. Jared Kushner’s Peace Plan for the Middle East is a masterpiece. Because, it best addresses the divide the Arabs caused in 1948. Allow me to recap. Maybe, you need a history lesson. In 1947 the […]

Ilhan Omar

llhan Omar Exposed | Tim Mynett’s Penis

llhan Omar Exposed. As a result, she has fucked her life up beyond all repair. You can’t make this stuff up. So, let’s look at the reality of the situation. First up is Jamie Glazov. First of all, this man does not hold back on his views. llhan Omar Exposed. So, Ms Omar, now what? […]


Islamic State attacks Hamas. Wait, what?

Islamic State attacks Hamas.  Yes, they did. Also, how much goes on that doesn’t get reported on? Yes folks we couldn’t make this stuff up. Islamic State is very much like Hamas. But, way more extreme on the Islam. In Gaza, which is run by the ultra-extreme Islamist terror group Hamas, Hamas was attacked by […]


Jewish Ritual Circumcision | Interviewing An Unborn

Jewish Ritual Circumcision. It is time to #CrushTheCovenant? So, if you agree then please read on. Jewish Ritual Circumcision | An Interview In The Womb A short play. The Actors:   The Jewish God. Furthermore, this god is fictional. Unborn Sidney Winston.  When: In his mother’s womb. Most noteworthy, seven days before birth. The Premise: The […]