Scaphism | Is this the worst form of torture?


Some things when one reads about them or is told about them, my imagination brings my body to a shudder.

This is how I felt when I read Arshia Arsacid’s article on Quora.

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We humans are a vicious, unmerciful, self-centred species.

Okay now, let’s go down the avenue of evil. Rather, human evil.

what crime could one possibly have needed to have committed in order to deserve to suffer a fate such as this?

Sure, you are tied to a boat, being fed to keep you alive, while at the same time smothered in honey so that vermin eat you alive. Slowly. Painfully. This is scaphism.

What runs through a victims’ minds over the days and nights of pain, suffering, torture and, most likely, confusion?
The pain, the stench, the piercing sounds of the tortured

What runs through the torturers’ minds as they feed their screaming, dying, mutilated victims their daily allotment of food in order to keep them alive so that they may continue to endure this most inhumane of torture methods?

Yes, I shudder at the mere mention of the word scaphism. But, what keeps me shuddering is the knowledge that today, right now, somewhere, someone is being tortured in as mean and brutal a way as the Persians.