Obama-era Riots Reignite | Trump To The Rescue

Obama-era riots reignite in Minneapolis.

What a perfect time for our hero, President Donald J Trump, to come to the rescue.

During the Obama-era I was shocked to watch the regular anti-police rioting across the country. Of course, that all stopped when Trump took office and created all those jobs.

Many of the rioters at that time were angry at the effects of the Obama administration. Certainly, unemployment figured large in the picture.

These people had no hope of employment and vented their frustration at the inequality we all witnessed on a daily basis.

Then came the lock down of 2020. Due to, the unexplained pandemic of COVID19.

A huge chunk of the economy screeched to an abrupt steel-on-steel halt. So, millions of under-skilled people are out of work.
For the most part, the newly unemployed are uneducated for an economy where technological knowledge is the key to having even a chance of success.

Now, eight or so weeks later, with the economy shut down, the people are angry. Certainly, all they needed was a small trigger in order to explode as they did.

A police department provided that trigger by having one of its officers being videoed torturing then murdering a restrained victim. Shameful.

Obama-era riots reignite. Can President Trump come through again?

With five months and change until the November 2020 election for POTUS, President Trump has yet another opportunity to rescue the United States out of its economic distress.

For all the unfair criticisms and attacks made on the President, I hope that Trump comes through and steers the economy back to greatness.

By Sidney Winston

Atheist Anti-theist Secular Zionist Dog lover Conservative

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