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Jews and Atheism. Atheists have much to thank the Jews for.

The atheist ‘movement’, if there is one at all, really has the Jews to thank for the tolerance afforded to atheists today.

If there were no Jews today then either Islam or Christianity would have a hold on all of us. Although this is not saying much, at least there are platforms now like,, and possibly several others of which I am unaware.

There is what looks like a serious Nazi profile by the name of NSDAP1933 where the following video can be found:

Jews and Atheism. A video by Nazis praising Judaism.

Anyway the main reason I am posting this is to bring awareness to my readers and my viewers that Freedom of Speech platforms are coming back.

YouTube has shot themselves in the foot due their deplatforming, demonetizing, and dehumanizing tactics it has displayed towards its content creator base.

It is indeed joyous to see free speech platforms emerge on the internet to counter the censorship of YouTube.

By Sidney Winston

Secular Zionist
Dog lover