Islamic State attacks Hamas. Wait, what?

Islamic State attacks Hamas. 

Yes, they did. Also, how much goes on that doesn’t get reported on?

Yes folks we couldn’t make this stuff up.

Islamic State is very much like Hamas. But, way more extreme on the Islam.

In Gaza, which is run by the ultra-extreme Islamist terror group Hamas, Hamas was attacked by Islamic State, and people were killed.

Like I said, one can’t make this stuff up.

Islamic State attacks Hamas. 

It’s Muslim on Muslim killing. This is a phenomenon that has continued unabated for close to 1,400 years.

It is my opinion that Muslims will never stop killing Muslims. It is for this reason that the wider world does not have a problem with Islam.

To be sure, I am disgusted that Arabs garner any respect on this planet at all. Islam, a barbaric and inhumane ideology that spans religion, politics, and personal, daily life, is on par with Nazism in my mind.

I can’t help thinking that in the Nazi concentration camps they had Krankenhausen; hospital facilities for the slaves who fell sick.

Now, the Islamic State, captured their slaves, then killed them in the most barbaric fashion, one that emerged with the Arab culture out of the desert.

Those Islamic fuckers are crazy.

Will they implode as a threat to the West?

Feature image courtesy of REUTERS.

Gaza Strip

Your thoughts?

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