Joe Biden

Blithering Biden | The Most Embarrassing Joe

Blithering Biden.

Joe Biden has lost his mind. So, Larry Elder has some fun with it.

Good luck, Joe, you will need it if you become Number 46. Also, there is little to zero chance the Joey Boy will be elected.

Here is what follows Creepy Joe into the election season

Blithering Biden.

Oh boy! This upcoming summer is going to be quite a political fun fest.

Joe Biden challenging Donald J Trump for the office of the 46th President of the United States of America. Probably, this is potentially the greatest and most controversial point in the history of the world.

There is one problem. Due to, the health of the Democrat challenger there is no guarantee that Creepy Joe will actually be on the ticket come November 2020.

At this time a rational, objective viewer would see that Joe Biden has zero chance of achieving the Presidency. So, there really is no way we can even know for sure who the Democrat presidential nominee will be come November.

By Sidney Winston

Secular Zionist
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