Arabs Declare Sovereign State | Jews Attack

Arabs Declare Sovereign State; name it Palestine. Jews attack from all sides.

Arabs Declare Sovereign State
29 November 1947

The date is midnight on 14 May 1948.

British forces no longer have a United Nations mandate for Palestine so they are instructed to move out of the area by this time.

As the last of the British troop ships pull away from the dock the Jews’ coalition of armies’ plans get underway.

Confused? You should be as I have provided no context. That ends now.

Arabs Declare Sovereign State of Palestine.

In a crushing show of force similar to the German Blitzkrieg the Jews attacked the Arabs without warning in an effort to defeat the Arabs and drive them into the sea.

The first wave of the Jewish attack was miraculously pushed back due to the the heroic actions of the brave Arab soldiers and generals.

The Jews soon found their pitiful forces surrounded by the well-trained forces of the Arabs, now united as the Palestine Defence Force or PDF.

In an act of military genius the nascent Arab State of Palestine, bolstered with British-trained generals and accompanying discipline, immediately counter-attacked and overran the Jewish positions.

The Palestinian generals, to a man, agreed to, “Drive the Jews out. Into the sea if necessary. Spare the Jews NO QUARTER“.

[ Update 1980: It was a massacre the likes of which will not be seen again until the Cambodian ‘Killing Fields’.]

Not one Jew was left alive. Not a man, woman, child, nor baby.

After Palestine was officially declared Free of Every Jew On the Land there was a motion passed in the United Nations condemning the Arab slaughter of the Jews in the newly named country of Palestine.

The motion was put forward by Rhodesia and seconded by Paraguay but defeated when put to the vote at the Security Council.

In the UK Prime Minister Clement Attlee and his majority government passed a law allowing for all UK Jews to be isolated in deep rural ‘camps’. This is to ensure that there is no trouble from the Jews who violently protested, with the backing of the UK Jewish Community, the slaughter and annihilation of the Jews of Mandatory Palestine.

In Westminster the Secretary of State for the Home Department has had a proposal accepted whereby the British Constabulary may crush any Jewish dissent. Certainly much as our Arab brothers did in the recent victory in Palestine, by giving the Jews NO QUARTER.

Today the Western world is indebted to the Arab world for preventing a Jewish State from emerging in the region of the Middle East.

Who knows what impending disasters would have followed a hypothetical yet potentially calamitous victory by the Jews over the Arabs?

Give us your opinion. What do you think the world would be like today if the Jews had hypothetically prevailed over the Arabs in Palestine?

By Zero0000A/RES/181(II) – m0103_1b.gif on PLAN OF PARTITION is from UNGA Resolution 181 (27 Nov 1947). Overdrawn UNSCOP boundary is from United Nations Special Committee on Palestine, Report to the General Assembly, 3 Sep 1947, Volume II, A/364, Add. 1., Public Domain, Link

By Sidney Winston

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