Patreon lost major lawsuit | Abandon ship

Patreon lost major lawsuit

Patreon lost major lawsuit. Abandon ship. You don’t want funds in Patreon if they go bankrupt!

There are various videos on YouTube about how much Patreon has fucked themselves.

Ryan Dawson says it as well as anyone.

To set you up for this video, Ryan talks about the Patreon fiasco first, before he switches over to Ghislaine Maxwell at the 10:38 mark

Patreon lost major lawsuit (and Maxwell-Epstein):

Then he goes into his version of Israeli intrigue and spying infrastructure. I question his credibility on some of what he says about Israel. Just sayin’.

However he does try to explain Robert Maxwell’s death according to Shaun Attwood.

A sad and unfortunate thing that Ryan does is make fun of Jeffrey Epstein’s dyslexia. Nasty, disability-shaming piece of shit Ryan Dawson. Just sayin’.

Maxwell-Epstein only:

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