VAR Is A Disaster | English Premier League


VAR Is A Disaster. The technology behind the Video Assistant Referee is being used dishonestly by the VAR technicians.

The Football Association has implemented the VAR system in the Premier League this season.

The reason for using VAR is to make reasonable decisions, especially on the offside rule.

Well what we received in return, as fans, was an unmitigated disaster. What pissed me off particularly badly was the misuse of VAR, as I noted, on the Offside Rule.

My understanding from the beginning was that the VAR system was to be used to rule on obvious offside positions. Instead what we are seeing is the VAR technicians measuring whether a player is offside by fractions of an inch.

So what happens? Here’s an example.

  1. An attacking player is seemingly in line with a defender when the ball is passed or crossed to him by a teammate.
  2. The attacking player scores a goal.
  3. The assistant referee does not see offside so does not raise his flag.
  4. The defending team appeal for offside.
  5. The VAR technicians determine that the attacking player was nano-centimetres offside; but not an obvious offside with the naked eye.
  6. VAR rules the play was offside.
  7. Referee rules NO GOAL.
  8. Free kick to defending team.
  9. All soccer fans incensed.

This is not the intent that I understood VAR was going to be used for.

VAR Is A Disaster

I find this to be an extremely petty use of an excellent technology. An offside appeal that is not obvious should not be over ruled. The whole game is spoiled due to this. Some excellent goals have been disallowed due to this pettiness.

Also, while we are waiting for VAR’s decision the stress and anxiety is heightened by my low expectation. What I mean by this is that after a season of watching VAR decisions I have come to expect that any offside appeal will invariably result in any resulting goal be disallowed.

This is yet another example of the absolute madness of the year 2020.

26 May 2021 is the last day this website is published. Thank you all for your views.