Global Attack on Seniors? | A Bleak Future for the Elderly

Global Attack on Seniors is unfolding right in front of our eyes because more are dying during this so-called pandemic. A bleak future ahead for the elderly is an almost certainly a fact that need to be faced.

Who else is confused about this COVID-19?

Just what the fuck is going on around this planet?

Is the hoax on? Just what the hell is going on? Dr Vernon Coleman explains.

Global Attack on Seniors will be ignored by the younger generation.

Is the corona virus really as fearsome as they tell us? Did we really need to be locked down? And in some cases still are?

After listening to these two videos I tend to side with Dr Coleman because he makes so much logical sense.

Bear in mind first of all, for context, that both these videos appeared in June 2020. One at the beginning of the month, and the second toward the end of the month.

I write this in mid-July 2020 and overwhelmingly the deaths have been of people who had preexisting conditions, whether elderly or not.

Dr Coleman, I admit, takes a lot of his thoughts toward the ridiculous, but notwithstanding this he makes some very good points.

Your thoughts?

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