Irish Catholic Hates Atheists | But Poses as a Jew

Irish Catholic Hates Atheists

Irish Catholic Hates Atheists for the same reason that the Nazis hated Jews.

Because Jews existed, Nazis hunted and killed them.

So this wannabee Jew wants to hunt down atheists and kill them. I wonder how he intends to round us up?

Will John, now Yochanan, email us to report to an assigned Detention Centre?

Or will he send us an SMS? Both of those probably.

Once you watch how this man becomes nothing more than a hateful ranter you might find it hard to believe that he is even remotely religious. In my personal opinion he is just another con man on this planet. A planet, which I should remind you, has a history of con artists. Most unfortunate.

He hates atheists even more than European Nazis hated Jews.

Irish Catholic John Gischala aka John Dwight Way aka Yochanan Avraham pulls no punches but I should also let you know that he was posing as an orthodox Jew at the time of this rant hating on atheists.

This incredibly hateful rant was recorded live from his hovel in New York while sober. I need to add this caveat because this fool tends to consume whiskey. A lot of whiskey.

Nothing else changes other than that he becomes happily hateful.

26 May 2021 is the last day this website is published. Thank you all for your views.