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White Right Wing Morons

I finally joined a different hangout than mine today and found three white supremacist, racist, bigoted, ignorant, trashy, low-life Christians.

You are most likely surprised at how “shocked” I was. Oh yes, shocked to learn about their Jesus Club backgrounds.

Actually I was not surprised at all. I knew of at least two of these three stooges when I joined.

White Right Wing Ignoramuses.

Listening to three idiots talking, mostly together, at the same time, makes for a trying adventure.

[UPDATE: the individual clips have been concatenated in this post.]

So, the recordings are in three parts, as labelled. Indeed, the level of moronic absurdity is frightening.

JT Snow Parts I, II & III*

It’s because of people like these that the US is fast becoming a haven for, and a den of, white race lowlifes.

*[Update 23 July 2020: Parts I, II, III, & IV have been concatenated. Save your self some time and watch it here instead]

Your thoughts?

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