Nancy Pelosi bows knee in support of killer cop

Nancy Pelosi bows knee in unconscionable act of hatred.

Nancy bows knee
Democrats unashamedly showing support for a murderer.

Nancy Pelosi and her Democrat cadre have pulled one over on everyone on the left. Also, it seems that all the liberals in the US have bought into it too.

By wearing Kente cloths symbolizing the black people being oppressed by other black people, Nancy and Company proceeded to spend nearly nine minutes with one knee on the ground. Seems like they were celebrating how Derek Chauvin murdered his victim.

The optics of this photo are disastrous for the Democrats, for the liberals. And, for the left in general.

The photo of the mass kneeling brings to mind the Democrat Party’s horrendous decision to refuse Jews from Europe to disembark a refugee ship. Certainly, a most egregious crime against humanity considering that those Jews were killed by the Nazis upon their return to Europe.

What I see in the photo is a lot of insincerity. Because, they are so unabashed in their support for the way a cop murdered a citizen.

At best this should bother everyone. Likewise, how come not one word has been mention in the media about this farce?

Nancy Pelosi bows knee in support of oppressing black people.

This show of support for the abuse, and murder, of black people by the Democrat Party is unconscionable. Rather, what the Democrats should be doing is breaking down the walls in the racial divided, not building them.

Your thoughts?

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